Cinco Ranch H.S. Cougar Golf  
                                Schedule 2023-24    
      Date         Day         Tournament           Course        Team
  Sept. 19 Tues. Katy Taylor Top Golf JV Beginner
  Sept. 25 Mon. Jordan Willowfork CC JV Beginner
  Oct. 2 Mon. Taylor Willow Fork CC JV Boys/Girls
  Oct. 9-10 Mon/Tue Barbers Hill Eagle Pointe Varsity Boys
  Oct. 9-10 Mon/Tue Magnolia West               Margaritaville Varsity Girls
  Oct. 20-21 Fri./Sat. Deer Park Battleground Varsity Boys
  Oct. 24 Mon. Sausage Open Wilderness Varsity Boys
  Oct. 26 Thurs Brenham Brenham CC Boys/Girls All
  Nov. 2-4 Th.-Sat. Concan                              Frio Valley Ranch GC Varsity Girls
  Nov. 7 Tues. 7 Lakes Meadowbrook JV Boys/Girls
  Nov. 13 Mon. Foster Pecan Grove Varsity Girls
  Nov. 15 Wed 7 Lakes Eagle Pointe Varsity Boys
  Nov. 27 Mon Katy          Falcon Point JV Boys/Girls
  Dec. 1-2 Fri./Sat. DickHarmon Memorial  Golf Club of Houston Varsity Boys
  Dec. 4 Mon Fall Tryout Meadowbrook  
  Dec. 4 Mon. Clear Creek Bay Oaks Varsity Girls
  Jan. 15-16 Mon/Tues Katy Winter Classic     Falcon Point CC Varsity Boys
  Jan. 22 Mon. Katy Taylor Willowfork CC JV Boys/Girls
  Jan. 23 Tues.  Woodlands Panther Trail Var/JV Boys
  Jan. 29 Mon. Clements Quail Valley JV Girls
  Jan. 31 Wed. Oak Ridge Gleannloch Pines Varsity Girls
  Feb. 5 Mon. Blackhorse Bash (spring fundraiser)    
  Feb. 9-10 Fri./Sat. BarbersHill                     Eagle Point Varsity Boys
  Feb. 13 Tues.  Morton Ranch         Meadow Brook Farms JV Boys/Girls
  Feb. 16-17 Fri./Sat. Clements Sienna Plantation Varsity Girls
  Feb. 16-17 Fri./Sat. Kingwood                Kingwood CC Varsity Boys
  Feb. 20 Tues.  Cinco Ranch HS         Cinco Ranch GC JV Boys
  Feb. 22-24 Th.-Sat. Concan ConCan Varsity Boys
  Feb. 26 Mon. Brenham Brenham CC 5G Any
  Feb. 29 Thurs.  Brenham Brenham CC 5B Any
  Mar. 4 Mon JV District Tournament Pecan Grove JV Boys/Girls
  Mar. 8-9 Fri./Sat. Kingwood                Kingwood CC Varsity Girls
  Mar. 18 Mon.  Brenham Brenham CC Varsity Girls
  Mar. 19 Tues.  BarbersHill                     Eagle Point Var. Boy/Girl
  Mar. 21 Thurs.  Brenham Brenham CC Varsity Boys
  Mar. 22-23 Fri./Sat. Deer Park                 Eagle Point Varsity Boys
  TBD   *DISTRICT 19-6A Cinco Ranch ALL VG
  TBD   *DISTRICT 19-6A Cinco Ranch ALL VB
  TBD   Girls Regionals Eagle Pointe VG
  TBD   Boys Regionals Eagle Pointe VB
  TBD   Girls State Legacy Hills VB
  TBD   Boys State Legacy Hills VG



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  • Girls set new school record of 294. Break old record by 8 strokes! Oct. 5, 2013.
  • Boys earn Regional runner up with a 2 day total of 594!
  • Boys play regionals without carding more than a 79!
  • Boys %26 Girls both have won District 8 out of the last 10 years!!!!!
  • Girls win Region 2015....3 of last 4 years!!!!!!!

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