Region III-6A Golf Tournament at Eagle Pointe Golf Club

Qualifiers to State Meet. Each region may qualify to state competition the top 3 placing teams, along with the top 3 placing individuals that are not on an advancing team.  If an advancing individual medalist is placed on one of the advancing teams for state by their coach, the next highest ranked individual of the tournament (alternate #1) will replace the medalist at the state tournament.  Each advancing coach is responsible for the UIL State Golf Tournament website information that is required for them to send in.

Scoring. In regional and state tournaments, team honors shall be determined by adding the best four scores for each 18-hole round.  The best four scores for each 18-hole round are added together for a 36-hole total.  The team with the lowest score will be the team winner.  A team with less than 4 players will not be allowed to start. All entries in the regional and state golf tournaments will play a total of 36 holes unless the tournament director determines it is necessary to play fewer than 36 holes due to inclement weather.


Playoffs for Ties.  In case of a team tie, all five players will be involved in the playoff with the four best scores counting.  If a team has four players, then all four scores count.  Team honors determined by drawing numbers and the team with the lowest number will tee first.  Pairings are based on Day 2 scores.  The two highest scores tee off first in a two-some, followed by the 2 four-somes according to posted scores.  Best Day 2 scores play last.  If a 3-team playoff exists, then the order will be the same with 3-6-6 player groupings.  Playoffs will start on Hole 17 and will use the 17-18 loop of Eagle Pointe in a sudden death format.  Individual playoffs will begin on Hole 1 and play on in sudden death if the Hole 17-18 loop is not available due to a team playoff.  Best Day 2 score has honors for individuals.  Team playoffs take precedence in case an individual is involved in both playoffs.  If a tie for State advancing cannot be played on Day 2, then a future date is possible with approval by the schools and UIL. 


Rules Committee. Jeff Strong of Eagle Pointe GC is the Head of the Rules Committee for Region III-6A. Play will be governed according to the United States Golf Association Rules, and by special UIL rules listed in the UIL Manual for Golf and below:


Special U.I.L Rules that apply:

-A player shall pick up the ball and record a score of 9 after the 8th stroke on a hole.  If a player continues to play by accident, then the player will not receive a higher score or a DQ.   They will record a 9.  The player does not need to attempt all 8 strokes.

-Out of Bounds and Lost Ball will be played with Loss of Distance and a Penalty Stroke.  (i.e. Hit OB, re-tee, hitting three off the tee)

-Contestants may not use caddies or electric carts.  Students with disabilities as defined by ADA may apply for a waiver.

-Coaches/managers cart rides are only allowed between 9’s.  During play, players may be carted by their coach only for re-hitting due to a lost ball or OB.  This will only be allowed if needed to speed up play and get the player back into its group position.

-Pull carts may be used by course rules, but players are required to begin the round with a pull cart if one is desired.


Electronic Equipment.  Range finders and GPS are allowed IF they show distance only and not slope.  They are illegal if they have any other functions even if the other functions are disabled.  I-Watches or cell phones are not allowed because they have other functions.  Range finders are the only electronic equipment allowed.  Coaches inspect your players’ range finders before play.


Ground Rules. Ground rules will be discussed with coaches at the mandatory coaches’ meeting, and with the players on first tee.


Disqualification and Unsportsmanlike Conduct. 

According to the UIL Hard Card, unsportsmanlike conduct is defined as profane, vulgar and/or abusive language audible to others; carelessly and/or deliberately throwing clubs; verbalizing with intent of intimidation; or exhibiting behavior not in accordance with the spirit of fair play. 

A SERIOUS BREACH OF CONDUCT could warrant immediate disqualification. 

Penalty Structure for unsportsmanlike conduct:  1st offense= 2 stroke penalty; 2nd offense= DQ. 

If the golfer’s action warrant, penalty may be disqualification for the round, and/or in the opinion of Rules Committee and tournament director the violation is flagrant and is extreme, disqualification could be for the entire tournament with both day scores not counting.


Please note that in accordance with USGA Rules of Golf, a player that cannot complete play because of illness or injury is not subject to disqualification for the remainder of the tournament if the tournament director or the Rules Committee is notified and the reason satisfactory.  Injury or illness substitutions are allowed for the next 18-hole round with a non-tournament player or alternate from that school to fill out a team. 

Players disqualified due to a rules infraction and not due to unsportsmanlike conduct will only have that one 18-hole round disqualified.  They remain in the tournament and their other round score is valid.


Coaching One designated school coach may coach their designated team player(s) “UP TO” the green if it does not slow play.  A natural pace must be kept by the player and coach when coaching a player walking up to the green. Coaches must walk away when the player reaches the green with their ball on the greenCoaches cannot be on the green, nor talk to their player on the green about putting.  Coaches must wait to talk until all players have holed outOnly 1 coach is allowed to coach, and it should be specified which coach is coaching which team prior to play.  Coaches may switch A/B teams for Day 2.  Coach according to the “Spirit of the Game.”  1st Offense – Warning. 2nd Offense – 2 Stroke penalty for player and loss of coaching privileges for the coach.

3rd Offense - DQ of player for the entire tournament.  (Coaches should coach using the integrity spirit of the game.)


Only coaches can give players food and drinks if it does not slow play.  Golf equipment is not allowed to be given while playing mandated by USGA rules.  Golf balls are not considered to be golf equipment and can be given out during play. Clothing may be given out by coaches only for the health and safety of the player.  Cart rides only allowed in between nines by coaches/managers.


Spectators. Parents and interested spectators are only spectators, and they are not allowed to report possible rule violations in any circumstances.  They cannot get involved in scoring.  Rule violations can only be reported by the players or the marshals of the meet.  Spectators are only allowed to look for lost balls. They cannot give out any clothing, equipment, or advice.  Spectators may leave food and drinks on the next tee box, but must stay away from players and not converse   They must stand off to the side near the cart paths, and not give shot lines on dogleg shots or shots into the greens.  They cannot walk in the fairways or rough alongside the golfers.  Spectators must stay a substantial distance of at least 30 yards from players during the round.

Only coaches may coach, caddie or advise players. On course encouragement, support and applause is not considered coaching and is permissible by all.  Spectators may cart players only for shelter during emergency weather situations or for emergency first aid.


Protests. A UIL protest can only be initiated by a coach or school administrator.  It must be initiated before scores are designated as final by the tournament director and the rules committee.  The UIL will be notified preferably prior to decision. 


Regional Practice Rounds. Individuals and teams qualifying for region golf may be permitted one practice round of 18 holes at the site of the region tournament between their district and region dates. The penalty is DQ for the players.

Under certain restrictions listed below, teams and individuals who qualify for regional and state tournament may use

the Sunday afternoon preceding the tournament for the one 18-hole practice round allowed by Sections 1206 (b) (3)

(A) and 1260 (g) (7). Providing: a) The first round of competition is scheduled on Monday, and b) Practice rounds are permitted by the regional or state meet director.  No one is allowed to play their practice round or use the putting green on Sunday this year.


In between the competitive rounds of play, players are permitted to use the driving range and putting/chipping green.  Players cannot practice or walk on the golf course unless it is their one allowed practice round between district and region play.  Breaking the practice round rule will result in a DQ of that player.  Any playing on the course with or without the coach is considered a practice round.  No one is allowed to return on another day to use the putting green or chipping green prior to the coaches’ meeting.  Walking the course is also considered a practice round.  The driving range is allowed at any time.  No putting/chipping.  Once the coaches’ meeting begins prior to the tournament, then players may use the putting/chipping greens again.


Emergency Situations.  Coaches sign up on Remind101 prior to play as emailed.  The inclement weather plan was also emailed.


Local Rules.  Local rules of EPGC include:  1. Embedded ball rule “through the green”.  2. Mulch played as loose impediments.


Substitutions.  No substitutions are allowed for individual medalist competition.  For team play, once the tournament begins no substitutions are allowed except for injury or illness of a team player by using an alternate non-tournament player.


 All rules and guidelines may be subject to change at other Region Tournaments according to different golf courses, local rules, rules committees and tournament directors.


Region III-6A Tournament Director, Rick Nordstrom         

Tournament Rules Committee Chairman, Jeff Strong         Contact pro-shop for Rules Officials      281-385-6666

U.I.L. Director of Golf, A.J. Martinez



UIL POSTED "HARD CARD" on the UIL Website below:     ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

UIL Hard Card Local Rules and Conditions of Competition 2018-19

The Rules of the United States Golf Association govern play. See UIL Golf Handbook for additional Local Rules and Conditions. Complete text of Rules and Local Rules may be found in the USGA Official Guide to the Rules of Golf, effective January 2019 unless otherwise noted; the penalty for breach of a Local Rule is the general penalty (2 penalty strokes). See UIL Golf Manual and UIL Championship manual for additional Local Rules and Terms of the Competition. Except for UIL misconduct penalties, if a player breaches a Rule that results in disqualification, the effect shall be to disqualify the player for that round only.


MAXIMUM SCORE - 9 STROKE RULEA player’s score is capped at a maximum score of 9. At any time during the play of a hole, a competitor may pick up the ball and record a 9 for that hole if it becomes apparent to the player that a score of less than 9 is highly unlikely. All penalties that apply in stroke play apply in Maximum Score, except that a player who breaches any of these four Rules is not disqualified but gets the maximum score for the hole where the breach happened: 1)Failure to hole out under Rule 3.3c, 2)Failure to correct mistake of playing from outside the teeing area in starting a hole (see Rule 6.1b(2)), 3) Failure to correct mistake of playing a wrong ball (see Rule 6.3c), or 4) Failure to correct mistake of playing from a wrong place when there is a serious breach (see Rule 14.7b). If the player breaches any other Rule with a penalty of disqualification, the player is disqualified. UIL Golf Manual Page 7 & Rule 21.2


OUT OF BOUNDSDefined by the line between the course-side points, at ground level, of the white stakes, white lines, or fence posts. Rule 18


PENALTY AREAS Penalty areas, which are bodies of water or other areas defined by the Committee where a ball is often lost or unable to be played. For one penalty stroke, you may use specific relief options to play a ball from outside the penalty area. Rule 17


ABNORMAL COURSE CONDITIONS (Including Immovable Obstructions), Dangerous Animal Condition, Animal Holes, Ground Under Repair, Temporary Water & Embedded BallYou may take relief from any of these abnormal areas. This Rule also covers free relief when your ball is embedded in its own pitch mark in the general area. The nearest point of complete relief should be identified and a ball must be dropped and come to rest in the relief area (one club length) no nearer the hole. Rule 16, General Area Diagram 16.1b, Bunker Diagram 16.1c, Putting Green Diagram 16.1d


SOD SEAMS Model Local Rule F-7

AERATION HOLES Model Local Rule E-4



A ball coming to rest on or beyond the road is out of bounds, even if it comes to rest on another part of the course that is in bounds for other holes.


PLAYING TWO BALLS WHEN UNCERTAIN WHAT TO DO A player who is uncertain about the right procedure while playing a hole may complete the hole with two balls without penalty: The player must decide to play two balls after the uncertain situation arises and before making a stroke. The player should choose which ball will count if the Rules allow the procedure used for that ball, by announcing that choice to his or her marker or to another player before making a stroke. The player must report the facts of the situation to the Committee before returning the scorecard, even if the player scores the same with both balls. The player is disqualified if he/she fails to do so. Rule 20.1c

IMMEDIATE SUSPENSION (Such as When There is Imminent Danger)If the Committee declares an immediate suspension of play, all players must stop play at once and must not make another stroke until the Committee resumes play. All practice areas are CLOSED during suspension for dangerous situation until the Committee declares them open. Penalty for Breach of Rule 5.7b: Disqualification.

NOTE: Method for Stopping and Resuming Play Model Local Rule J-1

Immediate Stop: One prolonged note of the siren. Resume Play: Two short notes of siren.


LIST OF CONFORMING GOLF BALLSConforming Ball Must Be Played, see usga.org for conforming ball list.

UIL COACHING RULE ONE COACH of RECORD (Advice Giver) may engage (coach) with the player(s) from tee to green. Once a player steps onto the green, no coaching is allowed until all participants have finished the hole. Penalty Structure (1st Offense – Warning; 2nd Offense – 1-stroke penalty for player and loss of coaching privileges for the coach; 3rd Offense - Disqualification of the player for the entire tournament). UIL Golf Manual Page 15


UIL UNSPORTSMANLIKE CONDUCTis defined as profane, vulgar and/or abusive language audible to others; carelessly and/or deliberately throwing clubs; verbalizing with intent of intimidation; or exhibiting behavior not in accordance with the spirit of fair play. A SERIOUS BREACH of Conduct could warrant immediate disqualification. Penalty Structure (1st offense – General Penalty (2 Strokes); - 2nd offense – Disqualification). If the golfer's action warrant, penalty may be disqualification for the round, and/or in the opinion of the tournament director the violation is flagrant, disqualification could be for the tournament. UIL Golf Manual Page 8 & 18


UIL ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENTRange finders (all types such as GPS, watches, etc.) are the ONLY electronic equipment allowed. Range finders that measure DISTANCE ONLY may be used during competitive rounds. The operative word is "only". Range finders that offer functions in addition to distance measurement are illegal, even if a player disables other functions. A player using such a device in competition rounds will be subject to the UIL Penalty Structure (1st offense – Warning; 2nd offense – Disqualification). UIL Golf Manual Page 18


TRANSPORTATION - Players shall walk at all times, except that a coach, designated volunteer or an event official may assist players back into position after a delay for a ruling, lost ball, illness, etc. A coach, designated volunteer or an event official, may transport players between nines for pace of play.

SCORING AREA and SCORECARD RETURNED – Only Participating Student Athletes, Coaches, Rules Officials, and Committee Members may enter the Scoring Area. The scorecard is returned once the player and marker(s) have signed the scorecard and given it to the committee. Once the scorecard is returned and the player has left the scoring area, scores are OFFICIAL and NO changes can be made.


PACE OF PLAY Rule 5.6b Players must play efficiently and are advised of Rule 5.6b which encourages ready golf, 40 seconds per shot, and a focus on prompt pace of play. A player shall be subject to penalty if he/she unduly delays play and shall abide by pace of play memorandums when provided at events. 

Penalty Structure (1st offense - Warning; 2nd offense - 1-stroke penalty for the player;

3rd offense - General Penalty (2 strokes); 4th offense - Disqualification)


SPECTATOR POLICYPlayers and spectators are to have minimal/no interaction during play. Patrons may assist in looking for a lost ball, but otherwise must stay on the cart path and/or far off the green during tournament play. Players are not to walk with spectators. If a spectator is observed walking with, talking to or giving advice (or appear to be) to a player: Penalty Structure (1st Offense - Rules officials, coach, or the Rules Committee may issue an official verbal warning to the player, player’s coach, Rules Committee and spectator; 2nd Offense - General penalty (2 penalty strokes) will be issued to the player. 3rd Offense - the player will be Disqualified for that round only.


Spectators are not allowed to comment or assist on any rulings on the golf course under any circumstance. It is the players’ responsibility to police their group and be aware of all rules.


REPORTING RULES VIOLATIONSIf a player witnesses a rules violation, they must immediately alert the player in question and/or a high school coach or the Committee as to the possible infraction. The Rules Committee will do everything within their power to immediately resolve rules violations and assess proper penalties during the round. Any rules violations that cannot be immediately addressed or solved by the Rules Committee will be addressed at scoring and the proper penalty will be enforced.


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